New AMSOIL Partnership with Banks Power

Banks Power, the premier manufacturer of power-enhancing products for diesel- and gas-powered vehicles, has entered into a strategic partnership with...

February 3, 2020

Banks Power has recently entered into a strategic partnership with AMSOIL.

As the premier designer and manufacturer of power-enhancing products for diesel- and gas-powered vehicles, Banks Power is well-known and respected in the diesel-enthusiast community.

Similar to AMSOIL, the company’s fundamental principles combine old-fashioned business ethics and service with leading technology, elegantly engineered products, superior construction, scientifically proven performance and competitive prices.

Records and accomplishments

Banks Founder and President Gale Banks is one of the most recognized names in aftermarket performance.

Since the 1960s, his futuristic, high-performance engines have broken new ground and set world records. His marine engines have propelled racing boats to national and world championships.

After decades of racing, Banks Power is still the only company to have set records at Bonneville in both automobile and truck classes, including such titles as…

  • World’s Fastest Passenger Car
  • World’s Fastest Pickup
  • World’s Fastest Motorhome

Most recently, the Banks team won the title of World’s Fastest Diesel Drag Racing Pickup Truck.

Technological achievements

Banks company history is studded with technological achievements.

  • Gale’s pioneering work in turbocharging marine engines in 1969
  • The premiere of twin-turbo small-block Chevy engines in 1978
  • The invention and patent of the Banks OttoMind electronic fuel-management module in 1997
  • Transmission-control systems
  • Exhaust-scavenging systems
  • The recent invention and patent of the iDash DataMonster, the only instrument to calculate, log and display an exclusive suite of engine parameters, including manifold air density

“I’m a futurist,” says Banks. “My entire career has been about what’s next.”

“Through the decades, we at Banks have opened new markets in marine engines, turbocharging, truck and motorhome power systems, turbocharged tuner cars, diesel power systems, electronic tuners and exhaust brakes. Plus, I’m proud to have worked for many major car and engine manufacturers in defining their future products,” says Banks.

Engineering above all

First and foremost, Banks is an engineering firm.

Established in 1958, Banks has grown to 100+ employees on a 12-acre campus. The Mechanical Engineering Department is staffed with world-class automotive experts who design and test the latest high-performance equipment.

In the Race Shop, special-project vehicles feature cutting-edge diesel and gasoline development, multiple turbo applications, mind-boggling horsepower and head-turning style.

Sophisticated electronic engineering technologies are applied to engine improvement in the rapidly growing Computer Systems Engineering Department. Gale Banks Engineering designs turbocharged engines from the centerline of the crankshaft and out.

Banks Power


The legacy and technological leadership of Gale Banks Engineering in the diesel aftermarket is unquestioned.

With its long history of breakthrough innovations (many patented) in high-performance gas- and diesel-engine development, including turbocharging and drivetrain, Banks has no rival.

Time and again, Banks has proven its design, engineering and manufacturing prowess in whole vehicle development/modification, including Project Sidewinder, Banks/GMC Syclone and the big-block twin-turbo Pontiac Firebird.


Banks uses only the most advanced equipment and facilities for testing and re-testing existing products, production prototypes and experimental designs for performance, durability and compatibility.

Ongoing testing ensures unparalleled functionality, product endurance and quality control.

“Banks protected by AMSOIL”

Banks’ popular YouTube videos reach millions of enthusiasts, expertly explaining the keys to building more power.

AMSOIL products and the AMSOIL brand will soon be integrated into these videos. Check out the video selection at

Banks Power is offering its new differential cover bundled with four easy-packs of AMSOIL SEVERE GEAR® as the first-fill lubricant.

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