Performance Earns Dealer’s Respect

Dealer Tyler McMackin of Elk River, Minn. has used AMSOIL products in all of his equipment for many years. In 2011,...

August 10, 2016

Dealer Tyler McMackin of Elk River, Minn. has used AMSOIL products in all of his equipment for many years.

In 2011, McMackin bought a 2004 Mazda 3 Sport, 2.3 liter engine with a manual transmission. The car had about 109,000 miles on it and was running with a synthetic blend motor oil.

He installed AMSOIL 5W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil (ALM) in the car and tracked miles per gallon.

“I noticed a gain in fuel almost right away,” McMackin said. “After some fills it showed up to a 4 mile-per-gallon gain, but when it is all averaged out it bounces between 2.13 and 2.68 miles per gallon.”

McMackin has used AMSOIL motor oils in vehicles and equipment from cars to trucks to motorcycles, as well as lawn mowers and weed whips. He took his respect for AMSOIL to a new level in 2012 by becoming an AMSOIL Dealer.

“I truly believe AMSOIL motor oil is the reason that I have been able to run my vehicles into the high mileage range and had to do little to no maintenance on them,” McMackin said. “When I was in college I was putting on about 40,000 miles a year in my Ford Focus and I only changed oil, tires, brakes and sway bar links over a 5-year run with that car.

“I really enjoy being a Dealer. I take the information given to us by AMSOIL corporate and turn around and educate people about AMSOIL products. I am always learning more about AMSOIL products and it has made for some good conversations with friends and others interested in all types of vehicles and motorsports.”

People familiar with engines are more receptive to AMSOIL products, McMackin said. Those who are unfamiliar with engines are more difficult to convince because they have bought into the 3,000-mile oil change mantra.

McMackin is busy with a day job as a mechanical/automation engineer, helping his wife start her own business and spending time with their young son.

“I started my AMSOIL dealership because I believe in the products and want to show others how good AMSOIL products are and what they can do for the consumer,” he said. “I tell people that within one oil change I am able to save about $250 over the life of the oil. I really don’t think people believe or understand how an oil can go up to a 25,000-mile drain interval.”

He has first-hand knowledge of the long life of AMSOIL motor oil.

“I drove my Ford Focus almost 42,000 miles in just under two years on one oil change using only one oil filter,” McMackin said. “This car did not leak nor burn oil. When my oil was sent in for analysis, results came back as still good to run. Even though I was already a firm believer in AMSOIL, that’s what really sold me on AMSOIL products.”

McMackin foresees a bright future for AMSOIL products and for his business.

“I would like to get AMSOIL in the hands of every motorist as well as motorsports enthusiasts,” McMackin said. “I plan to educate people about AMSOIL and I hope it will help my business as well as help the business of other AMSOIL Dealers.”

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