See Why Jeff Seehorn is Into Competing

One thing has united Jeff Seehorn's passion for dirt bikes, rally racing and road racing – speed.

May 4, 2020

Jeff Seehorn is probably best know for racing on four wheels. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s partial to it. Check out more on how he’s into competing below.

Starting on two wheels

Seehorn started trail riding motorcycles at the tender age of four. Transitioning to enduro/cross-country at seven years old, he broke into road racing at 19. In 2008, he got a sweet deal on his first Subaru and started competing in autocross. After spectating at one rally event, he knew it was what he wanted to do.

Inspired by Travis Pastrana’s swift transition from two wheels to four, Seehorn made the leap into rally racing. After watching for two years, he sold off his street car to build his first rally car in 2014.

Making a name in rally racing

Entering his seventh season of rally racing, Seehorn has certainly made a name for himself in the four-wheeled world.

Earning back-to-back national class championships in 2017 and 2018, Seehorn has become known as the top privateer in the American Rally Association. A crash this season derailed Seehorn’s attempt at three in a row, but as we see in the below video, he didn’t let that slow him down – literally.

Seehorn is set to race again once the 2020 American Rally Association resumes and is this month’s feature in our Company of Enthusiast Campaign.

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Be sure to tune into Instagram this week as we check in live with Seehorn to see how he’s handling his quarantine.

And for an added bonus, check out this public service announcement from Jeffy Bobby below.