Your String Trimmer, Chainsaw and Blower Mix Ratio Made Easy

Depending on two-stroke equipment age, brand and owner preferences, keeping track of two-stroke oil mix ratios can be complicated. Professional lawn and landscape companies in particular face challenges when it comes to ensuring employees are using the correct mix ratio.

One oil for all your equipment

AMSOIL SABER® Professional Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil helps solve these problems by providing excellent protection against performance-robbing carbon and wear at any mix ratio up to 100:1.

Two-stroke mix ratios apply to two-stroke equipment that requires oil and gas to be pre-mixed. This is in contrast to two-stroke engines that inject oil into the engine, such as many snowmobiles and newer outboard motors.

The mix ratio is the proportion of gas to oil, expressed as a ratio. For example, 50:1 means 50 parts gas to 1 part oil.

The chart below shows the proportions and container sizes for conventional mix ratios (e.g. 32:1, 40:1 and 50:1) and the AMSOIL SABER Ratio™ (100:1).

2-stroke mix chart
Metric 2-Stroke Mix Ratio

Excellent performance at any mix ratio

Some operators prefer using the mix ratio recommended in their owner’s manual. SABER Professional offers outstanding protection at conventional ratios. Check out how it performed at 50:1 in ECHO® string trimmers. Its ability to fight carbon and reduce wear help you get maximum power and operability out of your equipment.

AMSOIL SABER Professional Synthetic Two-Stroke Oil

See why Duluth Lawn Care trusts SABER in all of its two-stroke equipment.

Use the SABER Ratio to cut costs

Some people want the convenience of using one mix ratio for all their equipment. They also want to spend less on oil to cut costs.

AMSOIL SABER Professional’s top-grade synthetic bases oils and advanced additives help prevent wear across all ratios, providing the ultimate in convenience, protection and value. As the images show, SABER Professional mixed at 100:1 delivers rock-solid protection against wear and carbon. Check out the full test results here.

SABER ECHO Comparison, two-stroke mix ratio
AMSOIL SABER Professional mixed at 100:1 delivers better protection against power-robbing deposits than other oils mixed at 50:1.

SABER’s ability to cut costs while delivering rock-solid protection helps lawn and landscape professionals simultaneously boost their bottom line and build their reputation for reliably producing professional-looking lawns and grounds.

Mixing AMSOIL SABER Professional at the SABER Ratio reduces oil costs up to 50 percent compared to using a 50:1 ratio. Check out the SABER Professional Mixing Guide if you don’t know which bottle size to get.

AMSOIL SABER Professional Synthetic Two-Stroke Oil

Updated. Originally published: June 4, 2018


  1. I have a old McCulloch chainsaw from the 70s that runs 32:1 normal oil. What ratio should I use with your product? Thanks.

    1. Hi Aidan,

      You can mix SABER Professional at any ratio up to 100:1 in your chainsaw. If that’s too lean for your taste, go with 50:1.



  2. Why is this so confusing for me? I have the 8oz bottle and cannot figure out these ratios. 1.3? how the heck do I measure 1.3? conventional? Saber? why list both? And why not list saber 50:1 ratio the most common mix in my opinion. I want to mix 50:1 in a 1 gallon can that’s all, please tell me how to do this and don’t refer me to your any web page for more confusing info, thank you. I do think this is the best oil I have ever used! but never sure I’m doing it correctly! Also, please please do not give or sell my email address to anyone! Do not send me emails other then this response.

    1. Hi Brad,

      I’m sorry about the frustration. The easiest way to mix 50:1 in a one-gallon can is to use a full 2.6-oz bottle of SABER Professional (product code ATPTS).



  3. I have an echo leaf blower that recommends a 50:1 mix. Would a 40:1 mix hurt this unit on an occasional usage?

    1. Hi Chris,

      Take a look for yourself. We ran a test between SABER Professional at 100:1 and ECHO Powerblend at 50:1 in ECHO string trimmers. You can see the results of our product at 100:1 compared to the competitor at 50:1. You’ll see that the trimmers using AMSOIL fared better.



  4. My lawn mowers take a 32:1 mix, my leaf blower takes a 40:1 mix, and my string trimmer and chain saw take a 50:1 mix. I have one 2 cycle gas can. The synthetic oil that I am using now says that I can use the same mix in all my equipment, and I have been for years. Does Amsoil require different mixes for each piece of equipment? I like the idea of only having one 2 cycle gas can for everything.

    1. Hi Donald,

      You can use AMSOIL SABER Professional Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil at any mix ratio up to 100:1. There’s no need to mix separate gas cans for each piece of equipment. In your case, you could simply mix one can at 50:1 and use it in everything. If you’re interested in cutting oil use and oil costs by 50 percent or more, try mixing at 100:1.



  5. So if i understand this information correctly, i can mix your synthetic 2 cycle oil at 64:1 for my cub cadet trimmer that requires a 32:1 mixture?

    1. Hi Marshal,

      Yes, you’re correct. You can mix SABER Professional at any mix ratio up to 100:1, regardless what the manufacturer recommends.



  6. My Echo equipment recommends 32:1 for conventional 2-stroke oil or 50:1 of their own “special” oil. How many gallons of gas should I use for the 3.5oz bottle of Saber oil for this equipment? Thanks!

    1. Hi Paul,

      Check out our handy mixing guide to determine how much gas to use with each package size of SABER Professional to achieve a 50:1 or 100:1 mix ratio.



  7. Hi, Thanks for the sharing such an informative article. I always use a string trimmer line for cutting my lawn grass. It helps me to cut the grass in a faster way. I really satisfied with it.

  8. Just to confirm… If I mix 100 ml of Saber oil in 5 litres of gasoline, that will give me a 50:1 mix… correct? Thanks.

  9. This is a delightful chart of AMSOIL SABER Professional Synthetic 2-Stroke oils. Most importantly, i thank you for sharing the Metric mixture table. The truth about your product help’s to cut unnecessary cost and favor lawn and landscape professionals to build their tremendous reputation in the industry.

  10. My wife and I owned and operated a lawn care business for several years. AMSOIL Saber made it easy for crew members to mix fuel on the trailers without all the confusion of different mix ratios. The 6.4oz bottles are perfect for the 5-gallon cans for mixing in bulk. The crew loved the less smoke.. especially with using the hedge trimmers, which you normally have at chest height. Cleanest burning 2-stroke oil out there… I’ve tried them all!!

  11. Can I run this oil in a old wankel artic cat and what ratio can I use without damage to my engine. parts are hard to come buy.

    1. Hi Ronald,

      Please call our Tech Services Department (715-399-TECH), and they’ll be happy to help you.


  12. I love Amsoil products from using it in prostock drag bikes in the late 70s to using Dominator in motocross bikes from 2003 on. Working in the ultralight industry for many years I had great success with Saber in our two stroke aircraft engines. Those engines didn’t run as hard, as hot, and only turned half the rpm of a chainsaw.
    Looking at Saber oil for Chainsaws, I’m a bit put off on the recommended mix ratios. Saying you can run 50-1 to 100-1 is a pretty large spread. Too little oil isn’t good as is too much oil will cause ring sticking and build up of carbon etc. Why so non specific? Running too little oil may not show up as a seized piston, but might wear crank bearings, and piston skirts more over time. It would be good to see a test with two Identical chainsaws running under a load for a given amount of time at 50-1 vs say 100-1. The results of a simple test like this would answer so many questions. Considering the cost of a good pro model chainsaw, it would be nice to know at what ratio is too rich with too much buildup vs too lean showing added wear.. Somewhere in the middle we would find that answer.

    1. Hi Brian,

      Thanks for using our products. We’ve tested SABER Professional in our mechanical lab and in the field at 50:1 and 100:1 in different types and brands of two-stroke equipment, including string trimmers and backpack blowers. Time and again SABER Professional proves that it resists carbon buildup and wear at either mix ratio. In fact, check out how it compares to ECHO Power Blend. We’re also close to publishing a technical study that compares SABER Professional at 100:1 to ECHO Power Blend at 50:1. It should be ready in March, so check back to our blog or then.

      The bottom line is this: the oil is proven to work well at either mix ratio. If your manufacturer calls for 50:1 and you feel comfortable running that mix ratio, use 50:1. But, if you want to spend 50% less on oil without sacrificing cleanliness or power, use 100:1. It’s your call.

      By the way, I passed on your suggestion of testing in chainsaws to our Product Manager in charge of SABER Professional.

      Thanks again.

  13. This is excellent table. I would like to see if you include the table with liters and correct mixture with ml as in Canada we are using liters and not a gallons, this will help us to use exact mix without calculations into metric.

    1. Slavko, it’s great to hear from Canada. Thank you for the feedback, I’ll post a metric version of the table and you should see it by the end of the week.

    1. Hello Andrew, thank you very much for sharing your experience of Clean, Protected, Power with SABER

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