Top 5 Baddest Monster Trucks for 2017

Hi again, race fans! I hope everyone had a good holiday. As we charge toward the New Year here at...

January 4, 2017

Hi again, race fans! I hope everyone had a good holiday.

As we charge toward the New Year here at AMSOIL, we are entering the height of our busy season. With Monster Energy Supercross, AMSOIL Arenacross and Monster Jam Triple Threat all kicking off this weekend and AMSOIL Championship Snocross in full swing, there is no shortage of excitement till at least May around here. Before I go spin my wheels (pun totally intended), let’s take a second to look at one of our newer series, Monster Jam Triple Threat, and the most baddest trucks to look for in 2017.

Grave Digger

Grave Digger

If the name itself is not intimidating enough, Grave Digger is one of the most decorated Monster Jam trucks in the world. With multiple racing and freestyle championships to its name, this beast was originally built on a 1957 Chevy Panel wagon with parts scrounged from local junkyards. Today’s model is powered by a 555-ci Merlin engine roaring in at approximately 1,700 horsepower. And if all that wasn’t grave enough, the notorious green-and-black flame motif covered in skulls proves this truck is “Bad to the Bone.”

Madusa Monster TruckMadusa

Named after multi-world WCF and WWF champion Madusa (Debra Miceli), this truck has set the bar high, taking home both racing and freestyle Monster Jam championships in the past. Madusa’s crew has announced that 2017 will be her farewell tour, promising a memorable season.  The appropriately named “Queen of Carnage” boasts a 540-ci Merlin engine that slams in at 1,500 horsepower. Plus, anything pink is always a win, am I right?

El Toro LocoEl Toro Loco

Fan favorite El Toro Loco (the Crazy Bull) has become so popular that an additional truck was introduced to run in the Monster Jam featuring the AMSOIL Series in 2016. Known for its memorable stunts in the freestyle competition, this raging bull can be counted on to give its all in the ring. With a 540-ci engine charging in at 1,500 horsepower, this “Crazy Bull” is sure to continue to be a fan favorite this upcoming season.


Where are my Walking Dead fans? Zombies are all the rage these days, and Monster Jam is no stranger to this trend. Voted to come back from the after-world and into reality competing at Monster Jam events, the name and design of Zombie was chosen by a fan vote and debuted in 2013. And, with its 540-ci engine and 1,500 horsepower out for blood, the Zombie’s infamous arms resting on a custom Ford F-150 body will be reaching for its next victim in 2017.

Soldier Fortune Black OpsSoldier Fortune Black Ops

Introduced to the circuit in 2015, Soldier Fortune debuted its Black Ops design in Albany, N.Y., in 2016. An homage to the men and women who serve in the elite special forces of the U.S. military, this monster truck is the second military-themed truck to run in the Monster Jam series. Its noble black coloring is designed to signify the special operations undertaken by these committed military personnel. Driven by a 10-year veteran, Soldier Fortune Black Ops will compete exclusively in the Fox Sports 1 East Series and plans on flying right into the Monster Jam World Finals in Las Vegas this season.

With the exception of Soldier Fortune Black Ops, all of the above will be competing in the Triple Threat series, among other Monster Jam series. The Monster Jam Triple Threat Series presented by AMSOIL will not only feature monster trucks, but ATVs and Speedsters as well. A wealth of new faces will challenge their abilities on a tour across the country on the road to the Monster Jam World Finals in  Las Vegas on March 23-25, 2017.

Be sure to follow all the action at this entire season. We’ll see you at the races!

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