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Professional driver Loni Unser, in her own words. “I started racing three years ago. I’ve always been around it since...

May 29, 2020

Professional driver Loni Unser, in her own words.

“I started racing three years ago. I’ve always been around it since I was little. The Unser family started racing with the generation before the well-known Al and Bobby, and they really made a career out of it.

“Racing in the Indianapolis 500 was their biggest one. They raced Pikes Peak too many times to count. So, being a fourth-generation Unser is a lot of pressure, but they give me a lot of help. They give me tips and advice along the way, so it’s been really cool.

“Currently, I’m racing Spec Miata. I’m also racing the Global MX-5 Cup, and I hopefully one day will be racing in the IMSA WeatherTech Series.”

A student in the car and the classroom

“So, we’re in Boulder because I go to the University of Colorado – Boulder. And I am studying landscape architecture. I chose this school because it was a lot like home for me and it was near the mountains. And we also found a great racing program, so that was a huge bonus.

“The CU Race Team, it’s really awesome. I got involved with them because I met them at a race, and I didn’t really realize that they were a campus club. And, so, it’s really good because I can get behind wrenches and whatnot when I’m not around my race car.”

Stamina is key when racing

“When I’m in school, I’m definitely a little bit more introverted. But, it’s great to meet new people and to have new experiences.

“A typical day at school for me is always a little bit different because I have different classes on different days. But, usually, I’ll wake up and exercise. I do CrossFit and I run and I bike. I think it’s really important to keep in shape because in the car you need to have good stamina. And you’re also constantly sweating, and so it’s very tiring. So I try to exercise every day. And then I’ll go to class, get home, do homework and race on my simulator. I have to get my training in.”

Staying sharp on the simulator

“Time for practice here at Barber Motorsports Park in the Global MX-5 Cup car. I have a Ricmotech Racing Simulator, and it’s been awesome, first of all, because it can teach you tracks. So, that way, when you get to a track, you can already know it.

“And, not only that, but you can race on the simulator and keep yourself sharp in the winter months when we’re not racing, and that really just keeps your mind sharp and knowing and preparing for the season coming.”

Racing #1 priority

“As a competitive racer, it’s really important to carry momentum through the corners. You need to be patient to make your right moves. Otherwise, your moves won’t stick. So that’s the biggest thing, patience and momentum.

“When I’m in college and racing, it’s a huge time commitment. But I love it because I really enjoy both things. But, afterward, I really would like to pursue racing full-time and have the college education as something I can maybe do afterward. But, racing is my priority when I get out of college.”

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