We’re Into Tractor Pulling

The need for power and speed is an age-old desire dating back to the chariot races of ancient Rome. It’s since inspired all manner of racing and events. Competitors today can drive everything from modified lawnmowers to top-fuel dragsters capable of more than 11,000 horsepower. 

AMSOIL Dealer Todd Domann knows a thing or two about power. At the helm of “Hurricane Allis,” his competitive pulling tractor, Domann harnesses 3,000 horsepower to pull literally tons of sled weight behind him. Tractor pulling is in his blood. His father started in the sport back in 1963, and it’s grown into a family affair that’s taken the Domanns as far as the Netherlands.

A Dealer since 2010, Domann represents AMSOIL at each of his events, both on and off the track.

Check out the video for a glimpse into the Domann family’s world of competitive tractor pulling.

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