The Thrill, the Speed, the Smell and Sound

An interview with Dennis Wey – 2022 Dutch Enduro Sprint National Champion

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Brad Nelson
by Brad Nelson
September 19, 2022

Dennis Wey is a Team AMSOIL enduro champion based in The Netherlands near Amsterdam – Schiphol to be exact. He races the national class in all major enduro competitions in The Netherlands, including:

  • Dutch Enduro Championship (ONK)
  • Dutch Cross Country Series (DXCS)
  • Dutch Enduro Sprint Championship

And he’s no slouch. His hefty list of two-wheeled accomplishments includes becoming the 2022 Dutch Enduro Sprint National Champion. We sat down with Wey to learn more about his life, what drives him to race and what’s next for him.


“I really love the fight and battle with man and machine on the track against other riders”

An interview with Dennis Wey

AMSOIL: Tell us a little more about yourself and your passion for racing.

DW: So basically, I grew up on the racetrack. My dad used to race rallycross cars around Europe. I was a little boy sniffing race fuels and playing with screwdrivers and wrenches. Then he bought this PW50 dirt bike and we started riding in Amsterdam. When our local motocross track disappeared, we had no choice but to look further. We started riding the Dutch Championship for youth. I had a hard time here because the level was too high for me.

Then around 16-years old I started to have fun on mopeds and few years later on motorcycles. So, dirt bikes weren’t my favorite thing anymore. Then after a few more years I really felt I had that passion for racing and wanted to race dirt bike again. I started riding the Cup Championship here where I came in second on my 125 two-stroke. The year after I started in the four-stroke class.

Just when everything felt in place, I had a hard crash and had a complicated fracture on my leg and knee. After a recovery I started riding motorcycles again. I bought a Supermoto for some stunt riding and a sport bike for the thrill. Then me and some friends went riding in some off-road events. This was all fun, but that passion for racing crawled slowly back in, and before I knew it, I decided to go race enduro full-time.

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AMSOIL: How long have you been involved in racing?

DW: I could say my whole life. I really love riding motorcycles and watching motorsports. And the best thing is that I’m still learning and progressing to become a better racer.

AMSOIL: What is it about racing you love most?

DW: Just about everything – the thrill, the speed, the smell and sound of these machines. I really love the fight and battle with man and machine on the track against other riders. And I see some of the country’s most beautiful places to ride with my enduro and enjoy nature a bit.

AMSOIL: What is your most memorable race?

DW: Let’s just say the last four races of the Enduro sprint from 2022. The championship already came to an end this year and I can call myself the 2022 Dutch Enduro Sprint National Champion.

AMSOIL: What made you choose your current race bike?

DW: So, I currently own a Husqvarna TE 300 two-stroke from 2017 in full Supermoto and I bought myself a KTM EXC 300 two-stroke enduro from 2017. This is the last 300 with a carburetor so I trusted this the most to start with. It’s probably the cheapest and most easy to maintain enduro/dirt bike out there.


“I was a little boy sniffing race fuels and playing with screwdrivers.”

AMSOIL: What is one thing you would never overlook when choosing and maintaining your racing vehicle?

DW: You just need to check everything. From time to time I do rebuild the front or the back and clean and grease everything. But when I’m really out of time I replace the air filter, lubricate and check chain tension, bleed the front fork and check engine oil and coolant level.

AMSOIL: How long have you been using AMSOIL products?

DW: Just started using AMSOIL products in 2022 when General Cars and Parts in Ursem started to help me out with my passion.

AMSOIL: Which products do you particularly like?

DW: The AMSOIL DOMINATOR® Racing Oil is what I currently use and mix in my fuel with both my enduro and Supermoto. Both are pushed to their full limits and I have never had any problem. And then the smell, hmmm.

AMSOIL: How have AMSOIL products helped you increase performance?

DW: They definitely improved performance for my bike as well as keeping it running at all times. It gave me the maximum power I needed to battle for podiums and to win the Enduro Sprint Championship.

by Brad Nelson

Brad Nelson is a staff writer for AMSOIL. Outside of work he enjoys family adventures, wilderness exploration and riding/wrenching on vintage metric motorcycles.

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AMSOIL Metric Motorcycle ProductsAMSOIL DOMINATOR® Synthetic 2-Stroke Racing Oil

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