From Farm Field to Showroom: Ford F1 “Friction”

Weaver Customs' 1950 Ford F1 truck, dubbed "Friction," has been through its paces. Randy Weaver decided to give it one...

May 18, 2020

The Weavers are into building, and their Ford F1 street truck dubbed “Friction” is proof positive.

Growing up on a ranch, Randy Weaver and his twin brother have been bending sheet metal and turning wrenches since they were teenagers. But there’s something nostalgic about this truck.

The brothers built and rebuilt the old Ford, honing their skills and developing their talent. Back then, they lacked the skills, tools and money to build the truck right.

Fast-forward a couple decades. Today, Randy Weaver and his wife, Sydney, run Weaver Customs, which has built several award-winning vehicles that have been prominently featured at SEMA and other car shows.

So, it’s no wonder Randy Weaver told his twin brother he wanted to take one last stab at rebuilding their 1950s Ford F1 truck. And this time, armed with years of experience and the proper tools, he’d do it “killer.”

Ford F1 “Friction:” Not just a farm truck

At the heart of the 1950 Ford F1 truck lies a twin-turbo Cummins engine that makes 600 horsepower and more than 1,000 lb. ft. torque. Suicide doors open to a cherry-red-lined interior revealing “crazy” cooling pipes that pass through the cab to the bed of the truck.

“Just a bunch of killer little touches.”

Randy Weaver

Weaver handcrafted every inch of the truck, including the grille, headlights and the signature cooling pipes. He also fabricated custom ducts to cool the brakes. Eighteen-gauge sheet metal makes up the body, which rides atop one-off, three-piece wheels.

“To build my twin brother something, that was kind of special.”

Randy Weaver

Previously one of our featured influencers in our Company of Enthusiasts campaign, the Weavers rely on AMSOIL products under the hoods of their “killer builds.”

Check out the video below to find out how they started their business and what makes them tick.

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