See Why Loni Unser is into Going Fast

The Unser family has produced several notable racers over the years, including Bobby, Al Sr. and Al Jr. Loni Unser...

June 12, 2020

It’s no wonder Loni Unser is so driven in her racing career. As a member of the legendary Unser family (Jerry, Bobby, the Als), she has the advantage of the family name as well as some of the best racing genes on the planet.

See how Loni Unser is into going fast below.

A member of a motorsports legacy

Racing is literally in Loni Unser’s blood.

Her grandfather, Jerry Unser Jr., was the first of the family to race in the Indianapolis 500. He later died there at age 26 in a crash just prior to the 1959 race.

Continuing the legacy, Jerry’s brothers, Al and Bobby, won the race a combined seven times, and Al Unser Jr. would go on to win it twice. Loni’s dad Johnny and cousin Robby have also made multiple starts, giving the family 73 starts, nine victories and 27 top-five finishes in this famous race.

Beyond the famed motorsports city, the Unser family is also well known for competing in the Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb. Loni Unser’s great-grandfather, uncles and aunt have all made the 14,110-foot trek up the Colorado mountain behind the wheel of a race car.

Loni Unser

Loni Unser’s unconventional start

Aware of the struggles and obstacles that racing brings, Unser’s father steered her toward alternative activities during her school-age years. In high school Unser was a member of the National Honor Society, swam, ran cross-country and skied to stay competitive.

Always having the itch to race in the back of her mind, Unser would show her skills during trips to the go-kart track with her ski team. In 2016, Unser’s dad enrolled her in driving schools in Palm Springs, Calif., and Ohio. Standing out as one of the top students, he soon realized he needed to let his daughter follow her passion and dreams.

Balancing work & school

And that she did. While working toward a degree in landscape architecture at the University of Colorado Boulder, Unser competes in Spec Miata and the Gobal MX 5 Cup, balancing a regimen of studying, training and racing.

Working out in the mornings and training with a race simulator in her apartment, Unser keeps her racing mind in check along with participating in a college racing club.

Racing resumes June 12-13 for Unser at another famed raceway, Daytona International, for the World Racing League’s 14-hour endurance race.

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