The Diesel Upgrade that Should Top Your List

Enthusiasts who make diesel upgrades to increase power and torque sometimes neglect to upgrade their engine protection to handle the...

December 17, 2020

Enthusiasts who undertake diesel upgrades to build more power are a special breed. They can invest the value of two new Toyota Tacoma trucks into a single truck capable of 1,200 hp and 2,100 lb-ft torque.

To say they’re passionate is an understatement.

This commitment is even more impressive considering these folks work hard for a living and that building massive power takes time. Modifications like tuners, turbo upgrades, injectors and nitrous oxide (NOx) are often added as time and money are available.

Most enthusiasts understand that modifications can increase strain on cylinder liners, pistons, bearings and rods. But properly sequencing modifications and upgrading affected engine components can be tricky, particularly when there are a lot of demands on your cash.

Don’t forget this diesel upgrade

So, what’s a diesel enthusiast to do? Increase his truck’s power and torque and cross his fingers that all that added power won’t destroy anything?

Hardly. Instead, don’t forget to upgrade your engine oil. It’s inexpensive compared to a new intake, high-flow exhaust or tuner. And it’s effective.

Turn down the heat

Modified diesel engines crank up the heat and pressure, both of which strain the oil. Consider that your pistons and bearings ride on a film of oil thinner than a sheet of paper. If your oil can’t withstand the shearing forces all that power creates, it’ll lose viscosity and become thinner. It can also oxidize under extreme heat and break down, increasing wear.

Purpose-built for modified diesels, AMSOIL synthetic diesel engine oil is blended with top-tier synthetic base oils and boosted with additives to withstand the heat and pressure of modified diesels.

How good is it?

AMSOIL Signature Series Max-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil delivers the protection your diesel needs.

  • 6X more wear protection¹
  • 60% better turbo cleanliness²

In independent testing compared to a leading brand, AMSOIL provided long-lasting wear protection, keeping cylinder liners looking like new.

AMSOIL synthetic diesel oil protects against wear.

So, if you’re planning your next diesel modifications, don’t forget to add “Switch to AMSOIL” to your list of diesel upgrades. If you have a competition engine, find out which AMSOIL synthetic diesel oil is right for you here.

¹Based on independent testing in the Detroit Diesel DD13 Scuffing Test for specification DFS 93K222 using 5W-30 as worst-case representation. ²Based on specification standards of CAT C13 2ND Ring Top Land Carbon testing.

Updated. Originally posted Oct. 23, 2018.