Watch Now: Tim Odell Does Vintage Go-Fast

Tim Odell's "TrophyT" ultra-4 truck proves that rat rods don't just look cool, they can tear up the pavement and...

January 20, 2020

Tim Odell has a knack for turning sheets of metal and vintage automotive shells into outstanding works of automotive performance art.

He builds vintage go-fast vehicles that are meant to be touched, driven and appreciated beyond the typical show vehicle “look-but-don’t-touch’ visual aesthetics.

Odell’s shop, Vice Unlimited, is based in Lincolnton, N.C., and turns out 2-4 big projects each year while keeping busy with smaller ones in between.

Odell originally hails from Bemidji, Minn., and holds a degree in graphic design. Finding himself better suited for hands-on work rather than in front of a computer screen, he took that skill set into his self-taught, life-long passion for building custom-designed cars.

The results speak for themselves with a beauty vs. beast motif that demands appreciation.

“Fast” isn’t just for supercars

The need for speed extends beyond race cars, Ferraris and Lambos. There’s a whole community of enthusiasts who seek speed and performance across all automotive spectrums.

Check out Tim Odell’s video above that highlights his latest project, the “TrophyT” rat rod, complete with a custom AMSOIL quart holder built right into the mid-engine body.

Look closer at the attention to detail and the fabrication workmanship that earned Tim Odell and Vice Unlimited street cred not easily found in the competitive realm of custom vehicle builds.  

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