What is the Best Snowmobile Oil?

To earn the title Best Snowmobile Oil, your oil must excel in these three performance areas. AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR delivers, and...

December 29, 2020

We think AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR® Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil is the best all-around snowmobile oil. We also think it’s the best snowmobile oil for power valves.

For the proof, scroll down and take a look at the test results.

What must snowmobile oil do?

First, though, let’s take a look at the three areas where an oil needs to excel to achieve the title “Best Snowmobile Oil.”

Modern sleds deliver power, performance and efficiency not thought of years ago. With each new model, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) seem to push the limits of performance even further, allowing you to ride faster and push your sled harder, while using less gas and oil and producing fewer emissions.

This translates into an epic ride for you, but brutal operating conditions for your sled. In addition to having to protect a hotter, more powerful engine, today’s direct-injection engines use less oil than older sleds to help curb emissions.

The Polaris RMK 850 is a prime example of the state of the industry. Its two-stroke engine can make nearly 170 horsepower. Think about that for a second. That’s more power than some cars on the road today, like the entry-level 2021 Toyota Corolla.

This underscores the need to use a durable, high-quality oil that’s proven to stand up to the punishment doled out by modern engines. For maximum engine performance and life, two-stroke oils should focus on three performance areas:

  • Wear protection
  • Exhaust power valve cleanliness
  • Cold-flow properties
Mountain snowmobiling

Wear protection

The intense heat and friction inside a snowmobile engine can overwhelm inferior oils, leading to piston scuffing and wear. Excellent lubricity – a term that refers to the oil’s ability to reduce friction – is essential for maximum wear protection.

Exhaust power valve cleanliness

High heat and increased power can also cause deposit formation on exhaust power valves, which can lead to sticking. The power valves automatically open or close based on operating conditions to increase throttle response at low rpm while maximizing top-end power. They expand the sled’s powerband, delivering a better experience for the rider.

But their location in the exhaust port exposes them to hot gases, which can lead to deposits that cause them to stick, reducing performance.

Good cold-flow properties

To top it off, today’s snowmobile engines direct less oil to critical components, through narrower passages, for longer distances. Oils that don’t remain fluid in sub-zero cold can fail to reach components at startup, promoting wear.

The best snowmobile oil

That’s brings us back to the business of demonstrating why we think AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR is not only the best snowmobile for power valves, but the best snowmobile oil, period.

We formulated INTERCEPTOR with today’s sleds in mind. It remains fluid down to -69°F (-56°C) to ensure oil reaches critical components in the coldest weather, keeping your engine protected.

This snowmobile oil comparison shows how INTERCEPTOR stacks up to the competition when it comes to cold-flow.

The oil also delivers exceptional wear protection and exhaust-power-valve performance. To demonstrate, we tested INTERCEPTOR in a 2019 Polaris RMK 850 used in a rental fleet in the Canadian Rockies. The sled was flat-out abused, with riders pinning the throttle through deep powder day after day for an entire riding season.

Afterward, we disassembled the engine and, as the images show, the piston contained virtually no scuffing and the power valves were in great shape and didn’t stick.

AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR fights wear and protect two stroke power valves

Check out the video of the Grizzly Lodge Rental Torture Test below.

In all three critical areas, INTERCEPTOR delivers the level of performance you need to get maximum performance and life from your sled.

We’re so confident in its performance, we back the product with our Runs on Freedom™ Limited Snowmobile Warranty, which covers repairs to qualifying parts in current-model-year and newer sleds that use INTERCEPTOR exclusively for up to two years or 5,000 miles (8,000 km).

That’s why we think INTERCEPTOR is the best snowmobile oil for power valves…and the best snowmobile oil, period.

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