What Motor Oil is Best for Winter? (And Other Cold-Weather Questions)

Car driving in snow during winter

Synthetics are a better choice when looking for a winter motor oil. They remain fluid in cold weather to ease cold starts and improve wear protection.

Do Older Engines Need Oil With ZDDP Additives?

Using a high-zinc oil with a high dose of ZDDP additives helps protect classic car and hot rod engines. AMSOIL Z-ROD® Synthetic Oil contains 1,400 ppm zinc.

What’s the Best Differential Fluid?

Best differential fluid

Today’s vehicles produce more power and torque than ever. So, what’s the best differential fluid for protecting against wear and deposits?

GM dexos1 Gen 3 Raises Motor Oil Performance Standards

GM dexos1 Gen 3 is designed to address the challenges of smaller, higher-powered engines. AMSOIL synthetic motor oils already outperform it.

How Engine Sludge Forms. And How To Prevent It.

Engine sludge is a black gelatinous substance that wreaks havoc in engines. Fighting sludge in oil means using a good synthetic motor oil.

Banks Power Unveils Supercharged-Duramax-Powered “LokJaw” at 2021 SEMA Show

Banks Power LokJaw

Banks Powers’ latest crate engine, a supercharged Duramax that makes 650 horsepower, was unveiled in the AMSOIL booth at the 2021 SEMA show.

Turbocharger vs Supercharger: What’s the Difference?

Turbocharger vs supercharger

Adding more air into the cylinders increases engine power, but what are the differences between turbochargers and superchargers?

5W-20 vs 5W-30 vs 10W-30: What’s the Difference?

5W-20 vs 5W-30 vs 10W-30

The primary difference when looking at 5W-20 vs 5W-30 is their viscosity once your engine has reached operating temperature.

How to Test Engine Compression

Test engine compression

Testing engine compression provides a snapshot of the health of your engine. In this video, we show you how to do it and how to interpret the results.