Top 3 Single-Track Dirt Bike Trails in the Upper Midwest

We sat down with dirt bike enthusiast and AMSOIL Mechanical Lab Technician, Ben Grembowski, to learn about his favorite places in Minnesota to ride the trails. With 54 state and grant-in-aid trails to ride in the state, it was tough to narrow the list. Our top three single-track OHM (Off-Highway Motorcycle) trails in the upper Midwest are…

Nemadji State Forest

Located along the Minnesota/Wisconsin border, the Nemadji State Forest boasts 100 miles of trails dedicated to ATV and off-highway vehicle riding (OHV), roughly 27 miles of which is single-track trails open to motorcycles only. Tight, wooded, technical trails challenge even the most experienced riders. Shout out to the Straight Arrows Enduro Riders MC for maintaining the trails.

Dirt Bike at Nemadji State Forest

Paul Bunyan State Forest

Located in the heart of northern Minnesota, the Paul Bunyan State Forest includes two challenging loops that make up 107 miles of single-track motorcycle trails. You can expect tight, wooded technical trails for more experienced riders, as well as smooth trails for beginners. Also known as the Martineau Recreational Trails, these trails are maintained by the Paul Bunyan Forest Riders MC. Heads up – you might be sharing the track with the occasional deer, bear and duck.

Huntersville State Forest

Not far from the Paul Bunyan State Forest area, Huntersville State Forest encompasses 33,963 acres, including 59 miles of dedicated single-track trails, with some two-track and service road loops for beginning riders. The 16th Annual Huntersville Trail Ride takes place on Sept. 24-25, 2016 and is a great event featuring a short trail for kids, a novice course on a minimum maintenance road/two-track route for easy and scenic off-highway riding, and an all-day dual-sport ride of approximately 150 miles. Thanks to the Town of Huntersville and the Twin Cities Trail Riders for maintaining these trails.

Huntersville Trail

In Ben’s words, “When you’re riding, you get into that mode where the only thing you’re thinking about is what’s coming up ahead of you. Everything’s flowing right. You’re hitting all your marks – that thrill is what we’re after.”

These are our favorite dirt-biking trails, but click here for additional info on all of the 54 off-highway motorcycle trails in Minnesota. If you are a dirt biker, it is worth your time to make a trip up north to check out these trails before the snow flies.

In the meantime, check out our Company of Enthusiasts: We’re Into Dirt Bikes video, featuring Ben Grembowski and his 2009 Honda CFR450R in the Nemadji State Forest.


  1. I attended the PBFR event this past October. Some of the single track can beat you up, especially if you’re a 65 year-old riding a DRZ! [Fantasing KTM!] Nemadji is a piece of cake compared!

  2. Paul Bunyan State Forest events:
    2017 Enduro is July 29 & 30
    2017 Trail Ride is October 21 &22
    Meet at the Stompin’ Grounds!

  3. Paul Bunyan has some great single track. For “Top 3 Single-Track Dirt Bike Trails in the Upper Midwest” you totally missed the Black Hills National Forest. If the title was Top 3 Single-Track Dirt Bike Trails in Minnesota, you got it right. I suggest you check out the Black Hills on a dirt bike.

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